Garmin c330 where to from here?


Got a c330 for Christmas and being my first gps maybe I'm naive but man what a riot I love it! I had no idea how much fun it can be. My question is if I wanted a second unit for the other car and driver (3 weeks old and it keeps ending up in our other car) what do you all suggest.. and yes money is an issue and no bells and whistles are not. I really love the Garmin but a bigger screen would be a plus what else?

Thanks All


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nuvi 200 great

the Nuvi 200 is Under
200 on amazon if you watch and usually free shipping...not many bells and whistles but a great Unit...

and Costco has the wide screen one for 199

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200 or 200W

I agree, the Nuvi 200 is a great value at the recentlyh lowered prices. The 200W is also attractive at a reasonable price if you wanted a larger screen.

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c330 where from here

I've heard the Nuvi 200 come up a lot sounds like a good choice.


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garmin 330

The garmins are reasonable on
You not have to be a menber of costco, I bought a nuvi 650 for 299.99 it is great more memory internal for poi's then the c330 which has about 1.5 meg of memory. You have about 300 meg of voices you can delete from the nuvi which will give you about800 meg of memory to use.