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Here's a simple tip to get this topic off to a start. idea

After reaching my destination in center city Philly yesterday, I needed to find a parking lot close by, and after cruising around the area, I wasn't having much luck - then I realized I could let the GPS do the work. Here's how:

Show all parking lots by selecting in sequence (starting from the cockpit screen): Menu...Setup(gear icon)...Manage POI...Transportation...Parking...Show(button at lower left).

After you return to the cockpit view by pressing the back arrow a couple times, you will see all of the parking lots in the vicinity, designated by symbols showing the letter P in a blue circle (zoom out a bit if necessary). By clicking on one of the P's and selecting "Route to", you can use the GPS to help you navigate the one way streets, etc. If you don't hide "Parking" by reversing the steps above, it will remain turned on and be there when you need it.

Jim (new Mio 320 user)

Mio 320 (+TTS, 2007 maps/12MM POIs) + Jerry Skin(20080213)/ Stopword Hack

Thanks for the tip. This is

Thanks for the tip. This is one of the most important advantages from having POIs in gps navigator. smile


Very good tip...

New Mio Tip: How to Move POIs from iGO.dB to Your SD Card

You can also store your MY POIs on the SD card to avoid having to regenerate them at each refresh of iGO.db and reduce the size of iGO.db in the process. There isn't any difference in performance (startup time or searching time). Just use the iGO POI Explorer tool (search Google if you don't already have it).

In case you've never used this tool before, here are the details: Import a copy of iGO.db into POI Explorer, select the POI category of interest, and export to a file. There are several different file type options available for export: choose kml. Once you have the kml file, copy it to the \POI folder (create one if needed) on your SD card. Repeat the process for all the subcategories of interest. When you restart Miomap, the new subcategories will appear under MY POI according to the original name that was used.

Mio 320 (+TTS, 2007 maps/12MM POIs) + Jerry Skin(20080213)/ Stopword Hack