The Mapsource Data DVD


Not entirely certain so I thought it best to ask the "brain trust" rather than goof up the Garmin 750. My nuvi 750 came pre-loaded with the current City Navigator NT North America 2008 map. I also requested the DVD from Garmin and received it totally free in 4 days. Fantastic service! My questions are as follows:
1) Is there anything on this DVD that I don't already have on my GPS unit?

2) Is it possible to cause an over write and screw up what I alraedy have and "not" be able to recover?

3) How would one best utilize this DVD if at all?

4) Between this DVD & Webupdater can one totally recover what is on the Garmin 750's internal memory?

5) Any other words of wisdom or experience?

Your input & attention is appreciated ! smile Thank you

nuvi' 2450


1. No

2. Not exactly, but it's best NOT to send maps from MapSource covering the same regions as the preloaded maps. If you do, it won't overwrite your preloaded maps (they are stored in different files), but it can sometimes cause errors that can be corrected by deleting the maps you sent from MapSource to the unit.

3. Since you have the 750, you can use MapSource to plan routes and send them to the GPS unit. You can also, send Waypoionts/Favorites between the two. And you can receive Track information into MapSource from the GPS unit. You can also create Custom POI files using it. You can also load information in MapSource (routes, tracks, waypoints) and then view them in GoogleEarth via the menu option.

4. It depends. Possibly. Some units have the ability to reload the preloaded maps from the DVD and some don't. It's still better to backup the unit to your computer.

5. Play around with the software some and you'll see what it does and how you can use it.


grin TY

nuvi' 2450