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I am getting ready to create a new poi file which will contain different hotel chains in the file. A question arose about being able to also have icons for each hotel chain. I thought that you could only load one icon per folder and that icon would apply to the locations in that particular file it is associated with. Is it possible for the gpsr to distinguish which icon to display if you load more than one icon?

POI Loader

POI Loader associates icons on either a file basis, or an individual POI basis (.gpx input only).

So I reckon you've either got to have one file per hotel chain (with matching .bmp) - or use .gpx and use the <link> field to specify the correct .bmp for each individual POI. (I understand that POI Loader is clever enough to only include the .bmp once in the .gpi , even if it is referenced more than once)

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Let me make sure I

Let me make sure I understand - If I am using the GeePeeEx Editor to create the file and link to a particular icon, I can use multiple icons in one file and the gpsr will display on the map that particular icon?

GPX format = multiple icons

CSV format will allow one icon per file. To use a different icon per chain, you would have to group your POI's into separate CSV files, one file per hotel chain.

Using a GPX file will allow a different icon per item. So if you wanted to have only a single POI file but different icons per hotel chain, you would have to use a GPX format for your file.


I will create a dummy file with different icons and see how it works. Appreciate the help.


It will work with each <link> pointing to an individual .bmp file - but if you wanted a jpeg for each POI as well (multiple-enhancements, in Garmin's Parlance!), then point the <link> at a directory that contains the .bmp and the .jpg and you can have both.

Obviously, you'd need a different directory for each POI, in this case. You'd have the .jpg for the individual hotel and a copy of the .bmp for the chain in these directories. I doubt POI Loader would be clever enough to recognise the .bmp's as being duplicates in this case, but they're not very big.

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It works

Just created a dummy file and the different icons show up perfectly. Thanks for all the help.

I transfered a series of gpx NPS files

to both Mapsource and my 650. Mapsource shows the correct icons associated with each file, but with the same files, the POI Loader and my gps, I get no icons on my unit's screen. The icons really help to ID and differentiate the park POIs. Anybody know what gives?


geoff petrasek wrote:

Mapsource shows the correct icons associated with each file...Anybody know what gives?

Mapsource is showing you the symbol that the <sym> statement is set to. If you transfer the gpx as a Favourite and the Nüvi has that same symbol, then that is what would be displayed. (If it doesn't have that symbol it defaults to the black square, I think).

However, Custom POI's use .bmp images that POI Loader has assembled into the .gpi file, for their icons. The <sym> statement isn't honoured; but that's not to say it has no effect... Some setting have a strange, inexplicable effect on how POI Loader treats the Address and Description fields. The symbols that tend to do that are "Waypoint" and any of the 'generic' "Pin, Red", "Block, Blue" types.

Note: the Mac version of POI Loader exhibits the 'strange, inexplicable effect', no matter what the <sym> statement is set to. neutral

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