Virginia Wineries

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Last updated 07/31/2011

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This has an updated listing of 161 Vineyards & Wineries in Virginia. Most have free tasting rooms as is noted in the attached write up with each file. It also gives a little info on each location along with hours they are open, if available.
Updated 8/12/08 - Autumn Hill Winery has closed and was removed from the list. Acorn Hill Winery is now Sweely Estate Winery. Thanks to RGroves for the updated material

Updated 5/20/08. Villa Appalaccia co-ordinates were up-dated. Thanks to RGroves for the information.
Updated 9/18/08. Added Bluemont Vineyard. Thanks to pjcmanning for the information.

Updated 10/3/09. Added 13 Wineries

10/5/09 - Added 19 wineries

12/29/09 Deleted 2 wineries and added 15 new wineries. Total wineries 152
7/31/11 - Added 9 new wineries