Success creating a new poi...but...


HELP..finally created a new poi file for the wifes favorite health food establishments...followed the directions from this web site and some one on one coaching.. but after using the poi loader..the nuvi 750 does show them correctly..but it doubled them up..i now have two of each location listed instead of YIKES..upon creating the notepad file i used the lat long and the address and phone number..did i goof using the lat and long and address? theres a total of six establishments but it lists twelve..two of each..HELP/lol

No you did bot goof up the

No you did not goof up the cvs file. The GPS uses the lat/long regardless of the address which is just comment for users. Now you may have 2 identical files in your POI directory which may explain why you have 2 POIs for each entry.

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Did you load it to the SD card and to the unit?

Look on both for a file named POI.GPI. You only want it in one location. Delete the one you don't want.

DON'T delete anything else.

I loaded it to the sd card

I loaded it to the sd card itself i heading to work mom if we can chat later i'd really appreciate the help? smile