Nuvi 660 - Street Names Announcement.


Would you please advise me how to get my Nuvi 660 to announce streets by name? All what it do at the moment is just saying "turn left" ---- "turn right". Thanks!!

Check Voice

Did you change what voice you are using...Check it to see if it is a TTS voice...there are some voices that are not TTS ( text to speach) that would be my first guess

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Select a TTS (Text To Speech) voice ==>Wrench==>Locale.

nuvi 2460LMT

660 voices

Select "Jack" or "jill" they are both tts voices. follow Mariner's instructions.

augie billitier I2,c330,660

I too bought a Nuvi 660

I received this toy with TTS already enabled. Default setting already has TTS enabled.

Are you sure it is a 660?

Are you sure it is a 660? Check to see if it is a 650...

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Thank you all. The voice was set to "American Ennglish". I swithched it to Jil "TTS". Thanks again!!

Nuvi 660 - Street Names Announcement.

Looks like you might have changed some settings with locale. Try do a restore by navigatiing to "Settings => Restore" & try. It should work.