Creating a new poi listing


Can someone direct me to a past post/discussion on creating a custom step by step "poi" file. Would like to surprise the wife by installing it on her nuvi 200 and have it alert it to when she's by her favorite health food establishment. I have excel and the six locations close by to us.

Creating a new poi listing

Here is one answer:

More answers can be found in the faq area. If you need further understanding or have any other questions, please ask, as myself or someone more knowledgable will tackle and help you get started on this fun trip.

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ok kewl, thank far i

ok kewl, thank far i have the name,addresses,coordinates and am ready for the second step..

This link might also

This link might also help:

If you already know the addresses, you can create a Notepad CSV file. It is very easy.

1) Copy/Paste/or type the addresses into a notepad file.
2) go to:
to obtain lat/long of your specific address and copy them into the notepad file.
3) format the data per this link: Http://
4) save your file as "filename.csv" and voila! you have your POI file! smile

Creating a new poi listing

It's very simple to do, just get the poi-loader free from the Garmin web site. I suggest that you download a small poi file from here and you can see how the Excel file is laid out by opening it, just start a new Excel file and plug in your coordinates and poi name and save it as a .csv. When you start poi-loader have your nuvi connected and proceed until you come to the screen that asks if you want to use AUTO or MANUAL, auto will alert in 1965 feet and is the easist way to load it, if you need a shorter alert distance then use MANUAL. Good luck you shouldn't have any problems


Thanks for the help this is great.