Magellan tech support


I recently tried to help out a less than tech savy freind with his maestro 3100. It locks up on the boot up screen and won't progress any further. I called magellan tech support and spoke to "walter". This guy was useless, after an hour of answering the same questions over and over, he decided that I needed to send the unit in for repair. We all know that tech support is usually off shore somewhere, but I had to chuckle when "walter" sent me an e-mail with the RA and his real name was Arulnathan Sujith.


LOL. Maybe Arulnathan is short for Walter in his country??? Haha

Ditto to useless support

I also had a similar contact with Magellan Tech Support. The guys name was Michael and he was useless. He knew nothing about the Mag. software in fact I had to tell him how to use it. What a joke.