Has the interface changed?


Prior to this evening, when I logged in I and went to the discussions page, I was able to veiw all recent posts, as well as all posts I had been involved in. I don't see those options now. Has the forum changed in some way, or is this a local setting I have missed?

Me too!

I just came in and noticed the same thing. I'm going to look around and see what I can find.

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Thanks. It sure was handy to


It sure was handy to be able to look at my discussions that way. BUT, things are always changing (Usually for the better??)

Me too

I do not find my places too!! Hope it can be restored, can't it?

Lost my "recent post" also,

Lost my "recent post" also, hope it will back crying

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looks like

some features are disabled as the site gets busy with a lot of users. There have been a lot more users than normal over the last few days and the server does what it can to handle the load.
Miss POI

Yes please

Please, if possible, let "recent post" be one of those features not disabled. As for user traffic, I see more than 200 users on the site. Appears unusual. I guess poi factory is more popular than ever.

got it

will the website be coming back to it's original design when the load is down, sometime early next year?


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we are driving through a storm right now on our way home. We found out that the site was down for 3 hours today while we have been on the road. We are really sorry about that.

Great Job

I think you guys at POI-Factory are doing a GREAT job with a free site totally void of pop-ups and advertisements. I'm new to this site and within three weeks have found loads of useful content.

I think we all can put up with a few inconveniences. Keep up the great work!

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