Nuvi 260 and poi files


My garmin 260 i use poi loader and it seems to work succesfully when i got into gps i see the poi items in the extras menu.
However it appears that the loader loads it as a single file in my poi folder i think i am correct in saying this?
Or is it placed somewhere else all i know is the size of my poi folder increases with each poi loader and i cant find any files with the names i load up so i presume that the file in poi folder is the one file for all of my poi files.
So is there a way around this so i can associate the file say such as walmart with an icon as i believe that the icon has to be named the same as the file.

The only way i can think of right now would be to load the files individually by dragging an dropping them through windows explorer.

Also since Garmin never made a manual to speak of does anyone know how i can view gml files since thats the only thing i can find on help and info on the unit itself although im sure that will be limited to

P.S. Great foru grin m so many helpful people


When you run POI Loader, it compiles all the Custom POI files, BMPs, and MP3s into a single GPI file named POI.GPI. (This is the file that you will find on your unit.) If the icons and sound files are named and place properly on your computer, they will get loaded properly when you run POI Loader. You can't associate an icon or sound after the fact.

Thanks yep that confirms i

yep that confirms i was doing most of it right apart from naming the icon file to exactly what the poi file.
Glad i now know how the poi files work after reading some things i was under the impression that the files were uploaded with there own name such as tigergps.cvs would be a file on the nuvi tigergps.cvs
Which on first reading confused me

But good to know that they are actually loaded as a single file.That gets that piece of confusion out of the way sure there will be more

Thanks again

POI Loader

I am very new at Loading POI, I recently purchased the Nuvi 260 and have used it with great easy, however I am looking into adding a few POI after reading this site which will help the family on our drives between states. The one POI that I have been looking through is the rest area.
I have installed the POI loader and I am not for sure that im using it correctly. After reading about changing the names of the icon, and mp3 to match the poi file I know im confused now! Could you lend me a hand in figuring this process out?


No MP3

Like you I also own a 260, since it doesn't play MP3 you can't load one, the alert will default to a bong.
Make sure that both files are in the same directory the restarea.csv and rename the BMP icon with the same name as the rest area so they will both have the same name, one will have the extension .csv and the other .bmp

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Thanks for the help

Thank you guys for all the help. I will give it a try and see what happens.

To continue for non MP3 players..

If you end up with more than one POI file/subject then you need to organize them on your PC BEFORE you load them to the GPSr. I do it like this:

Create your base POI folder... I named it POI.
Within that folder, create subfolders for the major POI categories. You can only have one level of subfolders. Next place the poi files (.csv or .gpx extensions) in the appropriate subfolder. Include the .bmp with the same name as the poi file.

For Example:


...Rest Areas




I currently have 9 subfolders under the POI main folder.

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