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is there a way to manually upload your phone book or contact list without using the bluetooth function and if not is there a modle that has this feature?

Editing phone list on nuvi 360?

Is there a way to edit the phone list that was automatically uploaded when I first used Bluetooth?

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phone book

i dont know, but i would like to know what type of phone you have, b/c i have been having so much trouble just adding a single number into mine.

The answer to both questions

The answer to both questions is no. The phone book is established each time your phone and GPSr pair with each other. It's not stored on your GPSr.

MM, I learn so much from

MM, I learn so much from you! Thanks. And I don't even have bluetooth, but it is great to know. So when someone else asks, I can answer like I knew what I was talking about.

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I cant say that i totally agree with that...i was able to load a single name and number, but i am unable to add any additional one's.

Ok, what did you do to

Ok, what did you do to "load" that number.

what i did

well, i had to manually disconnect my phone from the GPS and go to my phones menu to the bluetooth and sent it via the phones bluetooth. i thought that would put all three of that person's numbers in the phone book but it only uploaded one.

Right, but you sent it via

Right, but you sent it via Bluetooth from the phone. If I understood your original question correctly, you were asking if you could send the phonebook without using Bluetooth which you can't do.

From what I understand, different phones (and phone carriers) have different ways of handling the phonebook loading via Bluetooth to the GPSr. Some work great. Some work not-so-great. This is a function/limitation of the phone not of the GPSr. With some phones, users have figured out ways to "push" the contacts to the GPSr when they won't load automatically. Also, most GPSr to phone connections will one support one number per contact. And you can't edit the contact information on the GPSr.

Samsung A900 syncs

My phone syncs the phonebook automatically when it does sync with my nuvi 360. Occasionally it seems to have a hard time making the connection and i have to turn the blutooth off then on again, after that it works great!

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yes, thank you and i figured

yes, thank you and i figured that out.

garmin nuvi 360/ phone book

I have the Treo 650. I haven't been able to load my whole phone book though (Of about 550 numbers. Only my "speed dials").

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Check out this post.

Check out this post. It's for the Zumo, so I don't know if it will work with your nuvi, but it might be worth a shot.

Syncing a Palm Treo 650