Deleting Custom POI's on the Garmin 660


I just used the custom POI loader for Mac book from person on this site.

I found POI's for Philadelphia - near me - Then I did the conversions and placed them in my POI folder in the nuvi. (I did this on my Mac) It did work, as they then showed up on my Nuvi.

I later discovered the file has coordinates, with nothing else.

I want to delete them from my Nuvi. I picked the folder up from my connected Nuvi on my Mac and put it in the trash. This was done while connected to my Mac Book.

It is gone from the POI folder, but the 8 entries are still on my Nuvi. How do I get them off my Nuvi?


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deleting POIs

The best way to delete POIs is to use the uninstall option in Garmin's new POI Loader software (2.4.0 and above). The problem in your situation is that the software is only available for PC.

Nuvi can read custom POI from the SD card or internal memory. It's not clear from your message which one you were using, but you might check both places if your nuvi has a SD card.

I haven't tried directly deleting files from the GPS, so I don't know what the results would normally be. I notice that the GPS reboots after using POI Loader, so it may be that rebooting the GPS is needed to register the changes -- (I'm just speculating on this. Perhaps another nuvi user can share first-hand experience.)

If you can get access to a PC, here's a link to the new version of POI Loader:

For the benefit of others reading this post, be careful with deleting or editing files on your GPS. Make a backup first, and be aware that the GPS may stop working if you change something you shouldn't.

Anyone else have success or feedback on Simon Slavin's tools for the Mac?


I have a PC

I am going to use a PC and the Loader from Garmin.

I was loading to the Garmin/POI files on the device - not to and SD card.

If I understand this, if I use the loader it will overwrite what is in the device file and should get rid of unwanted POI's??

Is that right?



POI Loader


With POI Loader, old files will always be overwritten when you load new ones.

With the new 2.4.0 version, you also have the option to uninstall POIs (without loading any new ones).


I did it from the pc

Still is all there as are now 2 crackerbarrel POI files?? Is there anything in the POI file new?

I have three files

One I loaded with PC = crackerbarrel

another is called poi.poi. which I think was the Mac crackerbarrel file

antoher is D0469000C.gpi - is this the original POI file??

I messed up I think..HELP


More to be clear

I have the three files showing up as being on my device.

I deleted the poi.poi file as I think it was my residual files from the mac.

I still have the one that says cracker barrel and the DC..... File.

My question is, does the Garmin have a file in POI when new that is represented by the DC.... File?? Or would the unit when first connected come with the POI folder empty?



POI Loader normally transfers the POI data into a file called poi.gpi

Simon's utility may use different file name, but it should also end with .gpi

If you haven't already done so, you might first try the uninstall option from the new POI Loader 2.4.0. This should at least take off the file loaded with POI loader, and hopefully the one created on the Mac.

Simon is in the UK, but I can send him a note via email for tomorrow if you're still stuck clearing the files created on the Mac.


I have gotten everything off but the Philadelphia one.

I am going to erase the other one also and see what happens. If the Garmin POI are in another folder, this should be OK. The file was created earlier than the others, but I am not sure why it will not get rid of the coordinates from that other file DL I did.


another post by Simon

This may be helpful -- I found this post by Simon on another site:

The only way I've found to make it forget points is to use the nüvi's own 'Delete All' function then put back the ones you want it to retain.

Deletion files (both .gpx and .gpi) doesn't work well with the nuvi. It's rententive and thinks it's being attacked. It keeps its own copy of the points somewhere and carries on referring to them. I'd love to know why.

Here's a link to the original source.


Where is that function?

I found that I actually DL a file of traffic cams in Philadelphia and put it into my POI file. I should have read it closer. Could this be the issue? I read something in the strinf that someone had done the same thing with Simon's program. The Philadelhia POI's are actually traffic cams but do not show up in the POI file now. Could it be that this file got put somewhere else?


delete waypoints and custom pois

If you don't mind also losing your waypoints (My Favorites), you can delete waypoints and custom POIs together by using:

Where to > My Locations > Delete all > Yes

(Found this in the nuvi 360 manual and expect it may be the same on nuvi 660).

This seems to match what Simon was mentioning in the other post.


660 does not have those commands

When I go to where to? I get a listing, but nothing showing My Locations. All I see is My Favorites, and then there is no Delete all???

Looks like the POI are in there, but must reside in another file on the device that does not show up in the POI folder. I am going to dig around in toehr device folders.



There's a warning in the manual that says:

CAUTION: If you are not sure of a file's purpose, do NOT delete it. Your nuvi memory contains important files that should NOT be deleted. Be especially cautious of files located in the folders entitled "Garmin."


I can not figure this one out

I used Simon's program and it worked on all but this one POI. I even tried to use the PC Loader and reload the same Philly cam POI in and see if it would over ride. It did not. I am going to call garmin to see how to erase POI from the unit itself.


another thing to try

I looked over the 660 manual and didn't see the same "delete all" feature as is on the 350/360. I did, however, find instructions for "Clearing User Information" in the basic operation section. It doesn't say what exactly is cleared, but it might be worth trying.

If the file you had troubles with was from POI Factory, let me know which one it was and I'll have a look at it. (If not, no need to mention the other site's name.)

It might also be a good idea to get in touch with Simon via his web site and see if he wants a copy of the file for testing.


He said what I suspected

There is a coruppted file - the Philadelphia POI (Not from your site & it may be because I used the Mac loader)

Simon states that the file will not show up when mounted to the PC or Mac as a storage device. He said to go to favorites - problem is it does not show up in favorites only on my custom POI.

I will call Garmin today - I will post what I get back from them.


Empty the Mac's trash can to fully delete the POIs

I just encountered this same issue with my 780 and called Garmin tech support. The third person I spoke with remembered that the Mac's trash can had to be emptied after dragging the files in the nuvi's POI directory to the trash can. This must be done before the nuvi is disconnected from the Mac.