Newbie Question


I would like to know which set of maps (the year to be more accurate)that I have for my unit (Nuvi 650). I just bought it at the end of Nov. Would that include the 2008 maps or the 2007 maps? Thanks for the help.

If it is like the 660 then

If it is like the 660 then it is Wrench icon, Map and at the bottom Map Info.

I just got the 660 also at the end of November and it has the 2008 updates.



I too bought a Nuvi 660

I bought Nuvi 660 in the last week of Nov. and it has 2008 map.
The traffic receiver of Nuvi was showing 1 min delay even if delay was more 10 min.
I installed Webupdater from Garmin's website and when I connected Nuvi to my PC, it automatically updated new version 2.4.2 of software.

Now, traffic receiver shows actual traffic delay.