New GPS Technology


Locate your friends via gps cell phone. This is something else! Don't take it too serious.

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Ha, ha... Seen that one

Ha, ha... Seen that one before!

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There is a for real one out there...

Alltel's Axcess Family Finder.

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Google just announced that it is Beta testing Google Maps with My Location

that allows your phone gps to be used with their mobile map product. Not so much a true GPS, but they are getting closer.


Actually all this scares me a little.

Good one!

Good one! Found one of my lost family members!


You do not need GPS for Google to locate you... it will use the Cell Tower information to get a proximity of your location.

I tried it and found it is about 3-5 miles off.

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google maps

In my opinion... As cool as google maps is it falls way short when using it for any kind of navigation in the car. It's biggest problem is being dependent on your wireless carrier's data signal. If the data signal drops out for just a second because you are driving around in an area with poor reception none of the maps images downloaded so far are NOT cached for viewing. That makes it a deal breaker for me. Great for POI searching, making a call from the info retrieved etc. I also didn't like the fact you ONLY get a North Up view which isn't the preferred for auto navigation. But hey the price is right wink

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