questions about theese 4 garmins C330, C340, 260, 650


I'm trying to decide which to keep. I have read a lot of info and talked to garmin a few times. But I'm hoping you guys can help me fill in the gaps.

1) I got the C330 for $128 at WM and am trying to decide to keep it for a xmas gift for our best friends. I'm concerned about the map updates and any missing features. Garmin told me no map updates, but I see plenty of others have gotten them. Should I try to do that before give the gift or leave it to them? I know they won't be as persistent as I am. Will they be ok w/o them? What would be the situation for loading additional maps if they do any international travelling? It also has v 4.40 loaded and v8 maps.

2) for myself, I am trying to decide between the C340, 260 and 650, all I bought on black friday for great prices. And now possibly the 350. I don't like the fact that on the 350/650 you have to plug into the mount, then the unit. On the 260 you don't. But on the 260, you don't have SIRF and WAAS. I also like the size (and lower) price on the 260.
b) I don't need MP3 etc, but it might be nice to load tourguides if we do any travelling. I'm trying to get the cheapest one adn still hedge my bets.

3) I've more or less ruled out the C340 bec it doesn't have the high definition receiver. I offered it to my friend at cost which was about $180. Should I recommend that they just not take it and let me return it to teh store?

Will you experts please help me decide what to do? Also, another factor in the decision is that I would like to have a clean mount solution, like a vent clip, rather than using suction/winshield mounts, if that matters. I don't need bluetooth or MP3 thru the speakers. I think I read somewhere that the 650 has a crippled memory but Garmin couldn't tell me the internal memory sizes on the 3 units.

EDIT: I forgot to mention that the 260 didn't come with the yellow sheet. Did I get shortchanged? Garmin says no they don't ship with that, but that seems wrong to me. Does anyone know?

Thanks a lot! I love this forum!

questions about theese 4 garmins C330, C340, 260, 650

Go to EBay and type in Garmin Mounts you will find dash mounts or what ever type you want for the cxxx series garmins

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For Nuvinooby

Compare features of the various units you are interested in....and isolate down to what you can and cannot live without.

Compare Garmin models

Note: C340 is on the discontinued list and probably the C330 will soon follow.

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I've done all that. I'm

I've done all that. I'm trying to decide if I can live without WAAS and the SIRF chip (Nuvi 260) or if I need to spend $100 more for that. I don't need MP3 or traffic or bluetooth. I also can't find out the internal memory sizes on the 2.

I wanted other people's opinions from their usage.

Keep the 330. and the 650

I have both the 650 and I just gave my Son my 330. If you got the 650 from Costco, you got a great Deal. Both of these units are still going for higher than this price on Ebay. The C330 is Easily upgraded, I have 2008 maps on mine and Web updater has updated the firmware. The Sirf chip may make a difference if your in NY city. But I have never lost a signal with it in Ohio. I like my Nuvi also, the bigger screen is nice and the Text to Speech and the Mp3 are nice. This unit is still selling for over $500 some places. Drive a little with both and you will quickly see that they are very similar.

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I'd say you could live without WAAS
I prefer the SiRF chip
I would also prefer a unit that was recognized as a mass storage device, thereby eliminating the 3xx series.
Another thing, using the compare tool..
High Sensitivity Receiver yes / no (doesn't say which chipset is used)
Although there is some controversy as to whether some nuvi 2xx models use SiRF or other chipsets. It appears that some have SiRF and others something else.

Look at the boot up screen you'll see something similar to

"Copyright 2007 SiRF Technology, Inc" if it has the SiRF Chipset

Good luck picking one out.

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Ummm.....where do I

Ummm.....where do I

You have to have SIRF III.

WAAS (IMO) is useless and takes up a lot of power.

C330, bad glare, but for $128, awesome deal.

I love my Nuvi 350...but my C530 had much better sound.

I agree with lsmonop, being seen as mass storage is great, and a MUST for me.

Shoot, too many beers can't remember the models that you were comparing. But in short, I like the SP 5xx series, the Nuvi line, and garmin in general. There are pros and con to each, but that is an individual choice as too which one is right for you. None are a bad choice per se.

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I've never seen Sirf on the boot screen, but I'll specifically look for it next time. I used the 260 last night and was a little dissapointed- the Kohls store I wanted to go to wasn't listed, even though it's been there about 10 years (other locations were listed). It did list a pharmacy that was gone for a few years though...

I'll probably keep the 260, if I keep anything.

EDIT: I don't have SIRF. sad

I'd ditch the 330

it was always falling off my windshield.

The 350 is great, however lots of features I never use. ie MP3 player, language translator, currency calculator....

For me, I just want to be able to put in an address and be able to get there.


It's interesting that Garmin's web site simply states "High Sensitivity Receiver" while all the reviews say the Nuvi's have the SiRF III chip and WAAS. Do a search in Google on "nuvi sirf iii" and you'll get lots of review hits that refer to SiRF III.

In this review it does mention that Garmin is planning to use a different chip at some point in the future, but only if its as good as, or better than the SiRF III. Maybe they've already changed it, and based on the link to GPSPassion, it seems plausible.

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