Magellan software


What format is the Magellan software?

Are there sources for Magellan software other than retail?

What do I need to do to get my Magellan Meridian Gold to work with various software maps on my laptop?




Magellan Gold with laptop

I have a Magellan Gold. The mapping software that one loads onto the GPS is proprietory, so Magellan is the ones that will work with it.

To connect the Meridian to a laptop, you need to use the serial cable and connect it to a serial to USB adapter cable - this allows the serial cable to connect and function with the USB port.

As long as your laptop based software talks to GPS - usually via NMEA, you are all set. I've done this many times - connected to EasyGPS, Delorme Street Atlas, G7toWin, GPS utility, GPSbabel, and of course the Magellan MapSend products.

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