nüvi 2xx no longer listed


Anyone notice that none of the nüvi 2xx units are listed on Garmin's software download page?


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Still missing

I noticed that yesterday and see that it is still missing. What concerns me is that it says at the top of the page that the updates are for current products. Is the Nüvi 200 no longer current?

Maybe the site ran away with my USB cable that has mysteriously disappeared.

It appears taht it take

It appears taht it take awhile for updates to post to their website, so because the 200 is newer, perhaps it hasn't made it there. This is totally a guess, no facts to back it up.

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Use Web Updater

I noticed that the actual download update files disappeared last week. Apparently, most are only available via Web Updater.

The last update was October 4.

The last update was October 4. I don't undersatnd why they would removed the old links rather than just replac ehtme with new ones unless they are removing the 2xx from their line. Odd for a unit that is only a few months old.

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