Magellan 4040 firmware update 2.36


Now "almost" available. Link to file download is screwed up but a nice description is there.

4040 update

Thanks for the heads up, your right, the download doesn't work. I can't believe they would put something on their web without testing to see if it worked. Sounds like one item was supposed to have been a fix with 2.24. But, glad to get anything new. Seems like they are trying to make the unit as flawless as they can. I have not had any real problems with the unit yet so I am happy for improvements.

Magellan4040 firmware 2.36

I reported the problem to Magellan support around 11:am and they removed it from the Magellan web site.
About 10:pm, it was back on and I successfully downloaded it without any trouble. I am researching it tonight and tomorrow to see if it is as advertised.
I didn't loose any of my addresses as they warned but I had them backed up anyway.

I have it installed already

I have it installed already and from what i can tell route calculations seem to be faster, everything else looks the same.

Took it down again!

They took down the firmware upgrade again!

When I applied it last week it was version 2.36B in the zip file!

I think I will/should apply 2.3x whatever when they make it available again!