"Reversible" highway?


I've only had my 660 for a couple days, and today I noticed that it said "I-15 REVERSIBLE" (San Diego). What does this mean?

This thing is great, btw. There's a few things about it that could be really improved, but for the money this thing really performs well- I love it.

Go the other way

Here in Chicago we have an express lanes that during morning rush hour they head into the city. And for the evening rush go the other direction.

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Commuter Lanes

That's a correct description about the "reversible" lanes on I15 in San Diego. There are two lanes running between the northbound and southbound lanes (in the center median). In the morning commute, the lanes are open to southbound "high occupancy" vehicles (2 or more people). At noon, the lanes are reversed, and they are open to north bound "high occupancy" vehicles. These express lanes run for approximately 5 miles and have no exits during that stretch of highway. If you want to pay for the privilege, you can get a "FastTrak" device that allows you to use the lanes with only one person in the vehicle for a fee that ranges from $0.50 to $3.00 depending upon the time of day and amount of traffic.

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Thanks for the responses. I

Thanks for the responses.

I guess I should have known the I-15 does this, since I drive it all the time- but I'm not too bright. grin