Setting alerts for POI's.


I'm the type of person that reads through a forum and tries to answer my own question before adding a new thread. In one thread it was mentioned that when you put all of your POIs into a folder, then tell the POI loader what folder to load, it should allow you to set the alerts for your POIs. Mine did not allow me to set the alerts. How do I do this?

Got it!

I had to switch from the Express mode to the Manual mode at the first screen of the POI loader.

thats the way

thats the way

I'm new to the Nuvii 660.

I'm new to the Nuvii 660. I've loaded several POI files but do not get an alert when I am close to the POI (i.e. Flying J). I read this thread but am not sure I'm clear on this. Is this a function that has to be activated when the POI files are loaded, or is this activated from the 660 after the POI files are on the device? Thanks for your help!