Penzey's Spice Markets (GPX)

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Last updated 02/02/2011

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Updated: 09/14/2013

Since my last update Penzeys has gone through a re-organisation of their retail stores.

Some new stores added, some stores (sadly) closed.

Those of you in the Jacksonville, FL area, take heart! A new store is opening soon at the St Johns Town Center. Check the Penzeys Website for followup details.

Those of you in the Milwaukee area. Check the Penzeys website for what may be a more accurate map. Wisconsin seems to have some odd street addressing.

Also note, a number of Penzeys stores are now located inside shopping malls. The addresses listed are for the MALL. You'll have to trek inside to actually find the store itself.

A special THANK YOU goes out to Phil Hornby who wrote the GeePeeEX Editor programme which I used to create this file. If it's screwed up, blame him....ehehehhehehe

I'm still working on the Penzeys.csv file. There is a nasty bug in it that is preventing the entire file to load correctly; so please, don't download that until I get it corrected.

I love to cook. And anyone who does will tell you that good spices are essential. That's why I wrote these programmes.

After years of using other brands I found Penzey's to be the best as far as freshness and taste.

So, here's a listing of their stores.

They aren't everywhere but if you are fortunate to have one close by it would be worthwhile to stop in and just take in the smells.

Also here's a link to their website for more information.



The Penzey's Website lists special driving instructions to the store located in the Milwaukee-Wauwatosa area.

The link is:

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