Garmin Map Source and City Navigator version NT8 lat/lon Defaults


It seems the Garmin Map Source with City Navigator version NT8 defaults to the lat/lon hddd'mm.mmmm" format which when the numbers (reversed) are entered into Word Pad for a POI file, the location can be as much as 20 miles off!

After experimenting with Google Earth and rechecking the the lat/lon coordinates in Map Source, I found if I changed the Map Source settings to lat/lon hddd.ddddd, then created a POI file, they coincided with those in Google Earth and were spot on when I traveled to a POI location with my Street Pilot 2720.

I hope this helps those using Map Source.


PS: I'm working on a Texas Farmer's Market file to go along with the Florida Farmer's Market file

My C320 comes with V8.

My C320 comes with V8.