Nuvi 350 (removing Fodor's Travel Guide?)


I installed the Fodor's Travel Guid and I would like to remove/delete it. Does any one know how to do this?


removing Fodor's Travel Guide

You should be able to delete anything you install. 350 cable to your PC, go to the drive letter assigned to you GPS, find the program and delete it. Am I missing something here? I am not familiar with the guide you installed.

Look for travelguide.gpi file

I have the SaversGuide. It's located in the Garmin\POI folder. I would think the Fodor's Travel Guide would be in the same folder. Filename might be like FoderTravelGuide.gpi.

As Pianosauras mentioned, connect your cable to the 350 and look for the Fodor's Travel Guide file. When you find it. Highlight it and delete it.

HarveyS - Nuvi 350


I think the majority of members here install there file from a folder/sub-folder. With that said you next option to uninstall would be to simple remove the file from your folder (wherever you keep it on your pc) and reinstall your custom poi’s with POI Loader. Once those file(s) are reinstalled; Fodor’s Travel Guide should be gone.

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Travel Guide - location (on Nuvi)