Displaying Album Art with the Garmin Nuvi 350


This is for the benefit of new users like me that have had trouble witht Album Art on the nuvi 350. Thanks to other POI FACTORY users, I downloaded a program called MP3tag which after considerable experimentation, solved my problem,

Background: I was able to load MP3 files from itunes on my computer to the nuvi350, but the Album Art would not display even though MP3tag said it was there!

Solution: I can't explain how this worked, but it did.

step 1: Using MP3tag remove the album art from the MP3 file that nuvi 350 did not display.

step 2: Using MP3tag "Tag sources" find the album art again from an internet search.

step 3: Be sure to "preview" the album art in MP3tag to make sure it is the correct one.

step 4: Be sure to check the box "save image to tag" in MP3tag.

final step: receive message from MP3tag that the tag was successfully written to the file. Now, for reasons that I am unable to explain, the album art will now be displayed when the MP3 file is played by the nuvi 350 MP3 player!!!!!!!!

jgracey - nuvi 350 user

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