So whats the deal? (different geocoding results)


So I am pretty new to gps units and even more so to my nuvi 360. I have been using the nuvi for all of my local trips that I already know how to travel to, to help gain confidence in the unit's abilities. I have had several things happen thus far that make me slightly weary. The most obvious of incidents is one of which the nuvi could not properly find the address of a residence that I was trying to visit. The nuvi did the next best thing and gave me the closest address to that of which I supplied to the unit. When I went to map mode and used my finger to select an area on the street I noticed that the address data for that road was way off. Curiosity got the best of me so I hopped on all the major online mapping websites ( google, yahoo,, mapquest and mapblast ) to see what they had to say. Several of the sites had to correct address data while the others had the same results of the nuvi. So my question here is,....Whats the deal? Why is there what seems to be two separate data sources for address data? Am I crazy or has anyone else noticed anything like this?


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Adresses are 'guesstimated'

The mapping provider, in Garmin's case, Naveteq, does not have actual coordinates for each and every address...what they do is use a formula to calculate a best estimate of the location for a given address. In some cases, other mapping info providers may have better reference data, and the guestimates are better than Garmins - and in other places, Garmin is better. Unless you actually go out and record the coordinates, the best you can expect is for your device to get you to the right block the address is in.

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So what about missing

So what about missing address data? The location I was searching for was a 50+ year old house.

Report it to Naveteq

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I'm not too sure about the 50+ year old house

But, I do know that a great number of GPSr locations are set to the benefit of the mapping software itself. Case in point, a lot of businesses are located in shopping malls ( or mega-malls to be more precise). Since the mapping software will attempt to guide you to your destination via pre-loaded maps, many of the GPSr locations are listed next to or "on" a given street. We have seen this scenario many times when trying to get the proximity alerts to trigger. There are times you must be on the exact street name and within a certain distance for the alert to activate.

Safe to say that the geo-points for destinations have to adhere to this forumla even if the real thing is many 100s of feet away from the actual roadway.

Now back to that house you were looking for, sometimes that's the fun of these things. Sometimes you just have to know "how" to ask your question. Check out some of the forum topics about state and local highway addresses and how the GPSr doesn't find them.