Red Light Camera CVS file order


I am not by any way more than the most casual type of Excel file user. Therefore if this question is off the mark I plead ignorance in the use of Excel.

I opened the latest Red Light Camera file to see if I could edit the file to have only the locations in NYC and NJ. To my surprise I saw that the individual locations are not in any specific order but are grouped in random order.

When this file is modified by the moderator is there any reason why they seem to be in random order and not grouped by state or any other seemingly logical order ?

This is not a complaint but I am curious. As it is said "inquiring minds want to know" smile
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File order

The web tool Miss poi uses to manage the locations generates the file, and they usually come out in roughly the order they were entered.

A little trick in Excel --

If you open the file with Excel, you can use Excel's sort command to order things by state.

From the menu, select Data > Sort

Then select "Column D", and press OK