Car Wash locations in Washington

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Last updated 10/15/2007

Raw file: Car_Wash.csv (5.45 KB)

Includes 48 locations in the following area:

  • United States: WA

Car wash locations - starting with the Brown Bear locations in the Seattle metro area. Standardized in the csv as follows:

Longitude, Latitude, (A)(S)(T) Name of Business (if available - else use "Car Wash") - City, Street address and / or contact information

the (A) or (S) or (T) shows if it is one of these or a combination thereof:

(A) = Automated ("tunnel type") car wash
(S) = Self-serve (those high powered coin op sprayers)
(T) = Truck wash - able to handle a full sized semi with trailer

If you know of a location that is not on the file and / or needs correction - please add it to the thread here:

I'll update the file when I can. This is a work-in-progress so please check back for updates. I'll backfill with the locales *I* know of and/or any locations I run across in my (limited) travels as time goes on


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