USB cable & program for nuvi200


I just got a nuvi200 and the store told me that it can't be hooked up to a computer. Well needless to say he is wrong.
My queston is will a USB cable I have for a card reader work on this unit? It looks the same. And what program do I need to map a rout out and send it to the GPS?
I presently have MapSource Ver 6.11.6.

I can't find any info in this on the Garmin site.

Thanks in advance.

USB Cable

I use the USB cable that came with my digital camera and has the same jack as the Nuvi 670 port and it works fine.

The original Garmin USB cable is still in the box!!!

As for doing routes etc. I think MapSource is the one you are looking for...

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I agree both cable and

I agree both cable and mapsource should work.


Yes, but update your MapSource to the current version.

Thanks guys The cable I have

Thanks guys

The cable I have does work and my old Mapesource will tranfer waypoints but not a rout.



Yeah, that nuvi doesn't support saved routes. The best you could do is to save a series of waypoints and then navigate to them sequentially.

Some people have had success with great a Custom POI file with the waypoints in the route (which keeps them in a group) and then navigating to each of them.