I wish someone would write a how 2 guide. Like Gps for dummies or something so i could how to do everything.


You mean how to create and

You mean how to create and load POIs into your GPSr? Have you looked at FAQ?

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Learning How to POI

The traveler is 100% correct. When I found this site, I didn't even know what a POI was. Reading FAQ and assorted discussion listings, I can now create my own POIs and have contributed to the POI Factory already.

Good Luck.


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Take a look at this site.


You can download and read these beginners guides from Garmin.


Then here's a bunch of more detailed information.


it's not that difficult

All of the information is here, on this site. If one were to write a book, it would be pretty thin. There really isn't much to it.

Read the faq's and getting started, most important is the section on proper csv format. From there you can create your own poi file...simple locations around your neighborhood, then simulate a drive, or drive for real and see how the gpsr responds.

Any one here that's put together a poi file will agree it's not that difficult. The reward is knowing you "programmed" your gpsr to take you to a specific place. If you share your file, all the more gratification for you.

Jump in, follow the advice given, ask questions when you get stuck. There are plenty of people here that are willing to help.

Most of all, just have fun.

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