New Zealand POIs


I am visiting NZ in March and I'm looking for Tourist POIs. Such things as Accomodations, Resturants, Tourist Attractions.

Anyone know of such a POI file?


Going Too!!!!

I have lived in NZ and will be spending a month in Dec-Jan, with my in-laws, I suggest you purchase the City Navigator New Zealand maps from Garmin, and while I am there I will be developing some custom POI files using local knowledge. I will also put some star ratings on eateries etc. I should have them posted before you leave.

Wish I was going :-(

justruns wrote:

Anyone know of such a POI file?

You don't need one - there's something worth seeing round every corner :-)

This site ( is worth a visit.

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Be Aware

I am in NZ now and before leaving I purchased the City Navigator Maps for my 750, which I just discovered will not search Addresses, when it asks for City I have put in Auckland, Christchurch etc only to get a "No Matches Found" reply. I am trying to contact Garmin support by email to see if this is normal.


What happens when you skip entering the city and select "Search All"?


Still says "No Matches Found" I even searched Addresses that I got from the included POI files and it still says "No Matches Found".


Try loading this POI file:

Incidentally, are the Garmin maps you purchased
"City Navigator" or "City Navigator NT"?

(I read somewhere that the Nüvi can only search the "NT" variety.)

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Also, (perhaps a dumb question) are the maps selected?

Wrench/Settings > Map > Map Info

Not NT

No it is not NT so maybe that is the problem. I am going to call Garmin Support today. I will load that POI file and see if that helps. Thanks to MM and everybody else for your help


The problem fixed itself with the installation of the firmware update. Again thanks to MM et al for your input.

Welcome to NZ. I live here.

Welcome to NZ.
I live here. If you require any assistance you will be more than welcome to call me.

If you go to Address, then NORTH ISLAND, then SEARCH ALL, ignore SPELL CITY, then entre house number etc.

If you like I will give you my phone number.
Have a great stay in NZ

NZ poi

Goto I think that they may be free too


Today is a gift, that's why they call it the present...

Free Searchable Routeable NZ Maps

For the best....the most up-to-date (weekly)NZ maps with heaps more POI try these maps...they are free...hear that FREE...

Only thing is that you use SEARCH ALL and use CAPITAL LETTERS IN YOUR SEARCH NAMES. It is a Garmin thing. Far better than Garmin Maps and POI