Passport America listing


I would like to have a listing of Passport America camping directory POI. Also Happy Camper. both are discount camping clubs. can any one help?

that is a list of all of our campground files.

Miss Poi

Passport America

There is a file listing all of the passport america campgrounds. Look under campgrounds and you will find the file.

I have dl the PP America,

I have dl the PP America, KOA, and Good Sam's...GREAT poi, only thing could make it better is to have addresses and phone numbers! If address is too much, phone numbers when you are on the road and looking for a place to stop would be awesome! Is there a way to get into the file to add these things myself???


Actually, the PP America file is one of my favorites because, unlike some of the others, the phone numbers are mostly there intact and not cut-off on the small screen. I agree the phone numbers are the most important piece of information after the coordinates and name.

You can get into the file on your computer and make changes and improvements. Use the Escapees file as an example. It is my preferred arrangement since I wrote it. But it is a big job if you want to make hundreds of changes. Maybe just do it for a dozen or so parks you might go to. Of course, if you update the file from the list on this site, the arrangement would revert back to the original.

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Phone numbers

I am not sure what files you are looking at. The Passport America file has both the phone numbers and addresses and the Good Sam file has the phone numbers.

Bill the maintainer of the

Bill the maintainer of the PA files sent me an email. I sent him some screen shots of Good Sam, PA, and a KOA. It looks like the problem is in my Garmin. It looks like the fonts are too large for everything to fit on the screen. I'm waiting for my new Nuvi widescreen to come in this week. Keeping my fingers crossed that I wont have that problem with it. But I wonder, can I be the only person with this issue?? My current garmin is a c550