Help - can't fine csv file when using Garmin POI downloader.


I have a Garmin 2720 that I'm trying to download the Flying J POI's to the unit. When using the Garmin program it asks for the file location - darn me, I can't locate the file in Excel. Very frustrating. Can anyone help me?


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Ok, forget about Excel for the moment. The file isn't really an Excel file, although Excel will open it.

If you downloaded the POI file from the site, you saved it somewhere on your computer. You need to find where that is. Maybe the Download folder, My Documents, the Desktop. Somewhere else?

Find the file. If you aren't sure where it is on your computer, use the Search feature to search for the file.

Then create a folder on your computer just for your Custom POI files. Put all the Custom POI files you want to load in that folder. Be sure they are CSV or GPX file formats.

Then when you run POI Loader, select that folder as the source of your data.

Another thing to note

If I'm not mistaken, Garmin's POI Loader shows the folders but not the files inside them.

Keep this in mind as you're browsing to tell it which folder contains your POI Files. This confuses some people as well.