Garmin C/S


I recentley had to contact Garmin C/S and have say I received outstanding service .I called for a 2008 update and they sent it to me in 2 days no charge. Then explained to them my traffic receiver power cord had become broken at the end thanks to my daughter they told me to return the damaged cord and they would repair it well they sent me a new cord and 3 months of traffic service free.I have to say Good Job Garmin..

Garmin C/S

I Have To agree Garmin Is #1 I haven't had any what so ever problem dealing with Garmin

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Garman C/S

Yes, Garman’s C/S is on the money. In 1998 I purchased a street pilot and had not used it in a very long while. About a year ago, I starting using it again and I had purchased some software and I was having a problem utilizing it. Not only did they assist me in how to use it, they refurbished the unit, they gave me a 32 MB data card at no cost. The C/S rep. went the extra mile to make it all work for me.