Atlantis GPS


Does anyone have any of the Arlantis GPS systems? I have a model 350 and it has a limited POI data base, I would like to get more POI's like gas stations and restaurants in the greater Harrisburg PA area. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Atlantis has very limited support for their GPS systems.

Jim H

Harrisburg ?

I live in Florida now, But would be interested in any POI's you make or find for the Harrisburg area.
I'm from that area (Halifax Actually).



No updates for X-350

I am having the same problem. And also when you go to their site, you'll see its like they don't exist anymore. When you go to it opens-up some kind off search-site. I believe that everyone who bought this system are screwed, just like we are.


gps atlantis x-350

jim would you be interested in coping your sd card ,mine is bad and the unit is pretty much worthless without it . i do have a cd that came with the unit from smart2go with more points of interest if you want it copied .

atlantis x350

marijane what do you need for this item maybe i can help you , but all i have is the smart to go disk. i am looking for the original info on the sd card that came with the 350.

Atlantis x-350 gps unit

The manufacturer of this unit is actually JJC Communications. Good luck getting ahold of anyone there isnt much info on them online and nothing for the gps ubit. I only got the unit cause it was cheap and i was headed on a 3000 mile trip, it got me there and back without getting lost lol Traded my wife for the unit and it weas the best trade i ever made cause she would have got me lost at least once


i would invest in a different GPS.

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