Proud new GPS owner


Hello everyone,

As of tonight I am the proud new owner of my first ever GPS system. I hope I got it right with a Garmin C550. So far I like it, but on my first "test" trip with it, it got a little stupid at an intersection and told me to take a right, then a right. But I needed to go left to get where I was going, and it showed a left on the map. Made me chuckle a little. Then when I downloaded the webupdate software, it crashes on me after if connects to the server. Other then these minor quirks, I am happy and will take it for a real test next weekend.

You may want to get the web

You may want to get the web updater working. I'm on my third c550 since june due to some software glitch that would not allow you to see or use the screen. Even though I updated the first two units, it wasn't until I updated the third one did I see an update related to the sofware problem. Garmin replace the first two units but it was time consuming.




You will love it. I have the 580, which is the exact same thing as a 550 except with MSN.

I had a Navman before my 580, and as soon as we first started using it, my wife and I knew we would never be without one!

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I just got a new Garmin 550 myseld as a gift. I love this thing. I just paird it with a Motorola headset and can now receive directions and listen to MP3 files on my motorcycle. No more nasty air flow over the ears!

which headset are you

which headset are you using?