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I'm new to the world of GPS and have just purchased a Garmin c530. I joined this forum and downloaded the red light POI's.
If I understand correctly these red light POI's should alert me to cameras trying to detect cars running red lights as well as cameras attempting to catch speeders. My question is what type of alert am I supposed to get, an audible alert or a visual alert? Do I need to download a sound (MP3) file to be able to hear the alert? If so, I may be out of luck as the c530 specs say it does not play MP3’s. Any thoughts will be appreciated.

A few streets or

A few streets or approximately 2000 feet before an intersection that has a red light camera your gps unit will alert you with a chime and an “Alert: Red Light Camrera” in red text on top of your screen. You can add additional red light icons if you like found here

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If you keep the word "redlight" in the file name when you load them, and if you have alerts enabled on your unit, you will get an audible tone and a visual alert 1/4 mile (1394 feet) prior to the location of the redlight camera location.

The simple way

The simplest way to get started is to just load the file with Garmin's POI Loader software. As MM indicated, alerts will automatically be enabled based on the file name.

When you approach an intersection that's in the file, you'll get an alert sound and a text message will show on the GPS screen.

There's no need to load icons or MP3 files, but these are options you can add if you like.


Thanks everyone

I've been an on the road aluminum extrusion salesman since 1980, and have been lost a good deal of that time. After 2 days, I'm already amazed by what a GPS can do. If anyone ever needed one of these devices its me. OK I just checked and my file name is Redlight-Cameras.csv as MM suggested so I should be good to go. My other similar file is Speed-Cameras.csv so I assume I’m good there as well.

Thanks again.

Red Light File

Please beaware that this file only lists the cameras that people have reported, don't expect it too warn you of every camera. The only 100% sure fire way to not get caught, is stop running them.

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Miss POI does a lot of work in collecting the locations of redlight cameras from various sources not only the ones that have been reported by users.

I'm sure that there might be some that aren't listed, however, she puts a lot of work into researching and find them and that's one reason why it's updated weekly.


There are also redlight locations in the file that are "Projected". So you might get an alert but not see a camera.
Miss POI works very hard on the redlight files, most of us only see the end result.

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