Free update v2008 vs brokerage fee in Canada


Does anyone had to pay $25.00 brokerage to UPS to get the free version v2008 ?

Brokerage Fee

I got two updates from Garmin: I had to pay $23.24 for the first one and nothing for the 2nd one!!! I am told duty is based on the way Garmin describes the product before they send it!!
And we are supposed to have "free trade" between Canada & US!!!

Merci, Thank you

Merci, Thank you


Yeah...right. Wait till they open the borders with Mexico!

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Garmin shipped my Mapsource

Garmin shipped my Mapsource CD and it was 'duty free' as they say. A couple of weeks later my map update was sent and I paid 11.00 and change for brokerage.

I have packages shipped cross-border all the time. UPS is the absolute worst for brokerage fees. Fedex and DHL are better, and USPS rarely charges any brokerage fees.

Still, I'm not complaining. I did receive the update for 'free'.



Good point. I had to pay duties on the package delivered by UPS. The "duty free" package was delivered by a different courier company.

Brokerage fee

The update was free of charge from garmin. But...

GST: 5.05$
BROK FEE: 18.46$
BROK GST: 1.03$

UPS driver collected this amount, 24.54$, for import charges

Based on value for duty of 36.24$, from UPS...

Garmin: invoice total: 0.00$ USD

brokerage fees suck huh?

brokerage fees suck huh? too bad there is nothing you can do

No fees here for ship to Ottawa

Sent USPS (United States Postal Service)

Description (field 1) was marked "GPS Equip", value $34.29.

Field 10 was "Airmail/Priority"

Field 11 was "Commercial sample"


Free update v2008 vs brokerage fee in Canada

Ordered mine in February delivered in April, no charge at all was in my Ottawa mailbox. No customs fees etc etc...