Setting POI Alerts for 1 entry


This might be a newbie (aka dumb) question, but I want to set up 1 proximity alert in a POI file of about 30 entries. I do not want to rename the file name with a numeric, just generate 1 entry in that POI file with an alert of about 2 miles. Given my file has the format (LON,LAT,NAME,ADDR), what format would I use for that 1 entry?

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One way would be to put it in its own, separate csv file....

Leave a copy in the first csv file for easy searching.

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Here's what I found in the POIloader Help Pages

I think the 2nd-to-last paragraph answers your question.


Creating Custom POI Files

Advanced users can create their own .csv and .gpx data files that include Custom POI lists or TourGuide files.

POI Loader loads all .csv and .gpx data files saved in a particular directory. When creating or downloading Custom POI data files, it is recommended that you save all the data files you want to upload to your device in the same directory.

POI Loader determines whether or not a file contains speed and proximity alert points based on specific criteria. Use the following information to help you create Custom POI files:

If a file name contains a valid speed number or if all records in a file have speed encoded in the name, then all records in the file will include speed and proximity alerts. For example, a data file with the file name "Speed_30" generates speed alerts of 30 mph (or kph, depending on the type of units selected in POI Loader) for each POI in the file.

If the file name contains "redlight", POI Loader assumes all records in the file have proximity alerts with a distance of 400m/0.25 miles.

If a file contains "GATSO," "mobile," "SPECS," "safety," "speed," or "camera," but does not have a speed, POI Loader uses a default alert speed of 0, which means you will always be alerted. You can override this default value by entering the speed in Manual mode.

You can also enter speeds for each POI individually by adding the @ symbol and a number after the name of the POI. For example, a Custom POI named "Ridgeview@25" would create a POI named "Ridgeview" with a 25 mph speed alert.

POI Loader calculates proximity alert distance based on speed. You can enter proximity alert distance for individual Custom POIs in a .gpx file.

You can also enter proximity alert distance for all Custom POIs in a data file using Manual mode.


Definitely NOT a dumb question.

However, you can't have a proximity alert for one location in a CSV file. You can set up a speed alert for a single location as shown in the second post. Or you can put the one location in its own CSV file as the third post states. Or you can create a GPX file which is probably way more work than it's worth for a single location.