New to GPS and need info


Hi, just got my first GPS [Garmin c330]. This may be the wrong place to ask this, and if its wrong excuse me.

My question is I regerested my unit 3 days ago. They asked me for serial # and Registration code. I have a long Unlock code [25 numbers and letters] What is this and what do I unlock.

Thanks all Mountainman

New to GPS

The email you received should read :
Webform ( This is the preferred method to contact us about any problem you might be having with MapSource Unlock. Using this form gives us all the information we need to assist you. E-mail: You may also send an e-mail to: or Product Support:

This is to help you if you have any problems initalizing the product.

Have you used your unit yet?

Yes. set all the things to

Yes. set all the things to my liking. Just used it local and it works fine. Set my home and it brings me home

New to Gps

Looks like you are good to go.

OK, I just never intered

OK, I just never intered that long code anywhere and Was wondering about it.

Thanks for the info

The map it refers to was

The map it refers to was pre-installed by Garmin. They used the unlock code to make it work on your GPS.

If you ever needed to reinstall, you'd need the unlock code. They used to give you the map DVD with the unit. They don't do that anymore.

OK, thanks for your help

OK, thanks for your help

The unlock code is for...

It is also for when you register the unit.

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