Allagash Wilderness Waterway POIs

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Last updated 10/28/2023

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Contains the latest Allagash Wilderness Waterway POIs which include Campsites, Parking Areas, Access Areas, Trails, Bridges, Ranger Stations, Aircraft Access Sites, Sporting Camps, and Historic Sites. The file is in GPX format and contains detailed information as well as links to more information and pictures for some of the POIs.


Allagash Falls Campsite

Maine USA

− 1 Outhouse
− 4 Campsites, Large Enough To Accommodate One Group ‐
Of 6, Two Groups Of 10 And One Group Of 12 People.
− 4 Fireplaces
− 4 Picnic Tables
Comments: Allagash Falls Campsite offers four very ‐
nice sites with spectacular views of the 30 foot ‐
drop in the river. It can be a very busy place ‐
with people looking at and portaging around the ‐
falls. Two of the sites can be damp during wet ‐
season. Look for the ring attached to the bedrock ‐
along the portage trails. This was used in moving ‐
logging boats and supplies upriver during the ‐
lumbering era.

Allagash Ice Cave Entrance


Maine USA

Comments: Entering these caves and the exploration ‐
of them are at your own risk. A narrow tunnel ‐
leads down into a small room.

Michaud Farm Parking Lot
Parking Area

Maine USA

Comments: Parking is allowed inside the Restricted ‐
Zone only at parking lots like this one.

H.W. Marsh Boom Ship Remains
Historic Site

Maine USA

Comments: Towards the end of its use of booming ‐
logs, the H.W. Marsh Steamship was pulled up ‐
onshore near Chamberlain Farm for the winter. The ‐
stern froze in the water. All that remains are the ‐
remnants of the engine along the shoreline.

Allagash Falls Portage Trail

Maine USA

Comments: Use this trail to portage around ‐
Allagash Falls. Do NOT attempt to canoe over ‐
Allagash Falls.

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