Cemeteries - Iowa

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Last updated 02/25/2013

Raw file: IA Cemeteries.csv (316.71 KB)

Includes 4905 locations in the following areas:

  • United States: IA
  • some may be in: IL, MN, MO, NE, SD, WI (near a border)

2/25/13 - some minor changes.

1/30/13 - Mea Culpa - I have egg on my face, as the IOWA Cemetery POI file that I loaded on the 15th. of January, had the Longitudes all scrambled and out of sync with the correct Latitudes. Thanks to c_dog (Brad) for catching this, and Angela, (Miss POI) for having a backup. Here is the correct one.

1/28/13 - Corrected some Coords. in Iowa.

1/15/13 - Verifying County by County, on this first go-around. Welcome Additions, Corr.

Cemeteries in Iowa of interest to genealogists.
This file was created by greenrl 12/26/2006. veenstra updated it. 01/08/2013 changed maintainer from POI Factory to alleghany.

Here is a list of 4905 Cemeteries in Iowa. This file includes county and city.