when does time > money


Almost 10 years ago, someone 57 yo said he retired at 53, using the rule of 75.

I joked I'll be working until I'm 80.

He took that statement seriously, and explained to me, this concept of time being more valuable than money, at some point. Everybody's different.

I've seen my employer go from 700 mil to 5 bil in revenue, with the Dave factor kicking in.

That's the pic circulating on the web where 10 mgrs are standing around doing nothing, while Dave digs a hole, he's the only one working, and they say due to cutbacks, we're gonna have to fire Dave.

I think that age is around 50 myself. What do you think? I honestly feel the workplace has changed and I call it the Costco conundrum (I am a member, shareholder, and fanboy).

Go to Costco at noon on a weekday, go to Walmart.

Costco will be packed with people dressed for the beach, slow as a tortoise, and my feeling is they're on the co. clock working from home.

Go to Walmart--it's empty. My hunch is people who shop there, can't work from home on the co. dime, they're out working digging the holes.

btw this 10th of the month is the first time since 2002 that I have no house payment. Living in the PA area, sure, our houses are not expensive, compared to LA, NYC, Boston, DC. My wife's aunt who is always a bundle of positivity, said, "Your mortgage is nothing." hahahahahahahahahaha I wonder how the budget will feel without that monthly payment. I admit I had wished I would have overextended myself and gotten a nicer home. But that's hindsight. She's 70, still working in northern NJ, would not surprise me if she has 10-15 years left on her mortgage. What I've learned is folks who live in higher cost of living places, do in fact tend to take longer to pay off their homes, while making others aware how valuable they are (observation)...


Any time you can pay off a mortgage and keep the money in your pocket before retiring then you are better off than someone in retirement that still has house payments. No criticism intended.

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