Question regarding display difference - Garmin RV 1090 vs DriveSmart 70LMT


So, I have both of the Garmin's listed in the subject line. In fact, I have them both mounted in my truck. The 70LMT is on my wife's side and the 1090 is for me to use when driving (mounted low and in the middle).

My question is (and Garmin was no help), on the 70LMT, custom POIs show up on the map (if they have a .bmp file associated with them), just like they always used to. On the RV 1090, they do not, no matter what settings I seem to select. I don't have all 100,000 POIs showing up on my map, but things like Walmart would be nice, as well as truck stops and rest areas.

Is anyone familiar enough with the RV 1090 to tell me if it can be made to "behave" like the 70LMT, so that Custom POIs show on the map?



They show up on the DS if you have Up ahead selected in Settings, Map & vehicle, Map layers. Is that option there on the RV?

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