How to handle duplicate files in database - A poll


Hypothetical question. If a POI file already exists on the POI-factory list, what should be done with any future submissions that seem to duplicate the category?

In other words, ABC_widgets.csv is already posted. Another user re-visits the info, and decides that it is either incorrect, incomplete, or out-dated. The new user starts from scratch, and using info received from ABC_widgets corporation, builds a whole new POI file. If he/she tries to submit that file to POI-factory, what should be done with it?

  1. Replace the older list with the newer one
  2. Post the new list along with the old one
  3. Reject the new list, as it would offend the original author to post it.
  4. Let the two authors work it out between themselves
  5. Some other option. (explain)

So, what do you folks think?
Just a hypothetical question, but I am sure it will come up eventually, if it hasn't already.

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My thought would be to

My thought would be to contact the original file author with the updates and collaborate with that person to incorporate the updates into the file with credit given to the second user.

If the original author doesn't respond, then I would think that JM and Miss POI could to try to contact the original author.

I wouldn't think that we would necessarily know at the outset which file was the "more accurate" one, so I wouldn't think that automatically replacing the older file would be applicable in all cases. New files may be less accurate than the existing ones.

In all cases, I would hope that users would search the existing lists before creating a new file. Because the process of sorting out which file is "more correct" could likely be mind-boggling.

And lots of duplicated files, I think, could diminish the value of the files on the site because people would have to sort through them and wouldn't know which file was "more correct".

Just my two cents.

We are in the process of

We are in the process of building a new system that will eliminate this issue. Please stand by for further details as we get closer to presenting the plan and the new way of contributing POI Files.

Miss Poi