Well, Its Vacation time for me!!


I will be going to Walt disney World in Fl. (WDW) and want to say thanks to all that made a poi for Fl. All of them will come in handy..

I am sure that no one really knows who I am and that OK. I just wanted to say thanks and will be enjoying myself in Disney for 2 weeks. I will be taking my wife of over 25 years and 1 of my 2 son (22) and my very lovely daughter (11). I am sure we will all have a great time. I sure hope I dont lose my Windmill while I am gone!

I will try to do more POI and Icons when I get back.

I will be taking my GPS with me and even in the parks.. I want to test where the Restrants are.. Maybe I will also save the location of some of the rides.. One never knows..

I will be flying and cant wait to see how my GPS works on the plane..

I am leaving on Tuesday and going for 2 weeks.. Will anyone miss me?!?! NAAAAAAAAAAA.. and thats ok.. I know that I will miss this place..

Will tell all about it when I get back (If ya want to hear about it!!!

Will check in one more time before I leave and say bye to all for 2 weeks!!!

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Have a safe trip. I've wanted to visit Disney for a while now. I think my son is old enough now (he's 6). I will be interested in reading your comments when you get back.

I have always (well since I

I have always (well since I have gotten a gpsr) wished that they would provide park maps for the GPSr. That would be really cool.

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Vacation time for me

Have Alot Of Fun and Enjoyment and a safe trip there and back see ya when you get back Take Care

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Have a Safe Trip

Bob, have a great vacation! Don't forget to enjoy the 'It's a Small World' and 'Pirates of the Caribbean' attractions. Oh, and watch out for giant rodents! wink


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Have fun:) Miss Poi

Have fun:)

Miss Poi

Have Fun

I'll be there next month for my 36th trip. If you have any questions, give a shout. Steve



Have a safe trip.

Flying, huh? That sounds more fun than even motorcycling. smile