What is the cost


of incompetence?

I do buy into the notion that incompetence costs all of us.

For example, insurance fraud is a common area where it is said we are all paying for it.

One time I argued and argued with this insurance co that starts with an A and ends with an A, and is owned by a pharmacy that starts with a C and ends with a S.

They had paid around $4k to some provider who never provided any services to my son. I was livid out of principle. I said how can they simply bill my insurance, and you pay out their claims, when no services were provided? This was every month for 4 months. The 5th month was denied. I stated if this service, is not covered, as shown by the denial, then how can you leave the first 4 claims as paid and not reverse? I got nowhere.

Are you and I paying for the above? I believe we are.

Now what triggered this thought hahahahahahaha

In a rush to a bday celebration, we stopped at a McD's and bought my son a meal using the app. A couple days later I see the charges credited, and at first, I thought they charged full price and adjusted the charges. No, they cancelled the charges--I am guessing from a system standpoint, the food was never picked up. This has to be because we went inside to get it after nobody came to curbside, and I basically told the counter person what we ordered, and she assembled it and handed it to me.

Another case of the above? I bought a bicycle during the pandemic and didn't really want to look at my CC statement as it was a little pricey. When the CC statement came, I noticed the bicycle was never on it. So they never charged me for a 24 speed bicycle. What a joke, I'm ok with it. But again, we're all paying for people who don't care to do things properly because they're just not into their $18/hr jobs lol