StreetPilot i5 - Using MicroSD Card


I just received my first GPS, I can't imagine how much this will help on business trips. I took it for a test spin today and worked flawlessly.
Two questions though...
1.) I bought a 1G MicroSD/Transflash Card for it, I have it in, but can't figure out how to save POIs to the card and not the internal memory. Can it be done through the USB Connection?
2.) The only CD that came in the box, from Garmin, was a Driver CD. Also had a yellow certificate with the unlock code, etc... So how do I utilize MapSource on my PC? I don't have the software, but the online manual discusses it. I want to be able to "plot" favorite POIs on my PC and upload to i5.

Thank You & Happy Holidays,
J. Edward

micro SD

If you have a micro SD card reader, I'm pretty sure POI loader will let you save POIs to the card if it's in the reader when you start POI loader. (It works this way with regular SD cards.)

However, I don't know if i5 can read POIs from the microSD card. On C330/C340, POIs can only be loaded into the GPS via USB cable. I don't know if i5 has a similar limitation.

Please keep us updated on what you find.


Correction on the c3xx you

Correction on the c3xx you can load what ever you want on the sd card. You will not be able to use them on you gps, but it will let you load them. I think the i series would be the same. So if you by any chance load stuff on the sd card and nothing shows up on your gps, don't get scared, it needs to be up-loaded into the units internal memory.

Have an i5. Have read that

Have an i5. Have read that POI's can be read from the SD. Will try in about a week. I am attempting to keep all my POIs on a SD instead of flashing my i5. It just seem les risky.

I think on the i5 the

I think on the i5 the microSD slot is for adding a different map such as Europe. On the i2 and i3 the microSD is what we use for mapping and poi's that are added. I just bought a 1 gig microSD card with SD adapter for for my i3 for $11.50 after rebate (what a deal!) and loaded the contiguous US with 100 megs or so to spare.


Garmin Streetpilot i3, Streetpilot C580 and Nuvi 265WT

Where'd you get it, Ray?


Where'd you get that great deal?


POI loader

Happy New Year....

The i2, i3, i5, and C320 will need a sd card to load the maps and POI files. 1 gig should be sufficient for all the maps for NA download and poi files. I noticed that if you have too much poi files, it will slow your gps reponse time.

I forget the name of the file but the the poi file will be combined into the main file that holds the maps etc, which was about 900+ megs.

In order for the POI files to be added you will need the POI loader loaded on your computer / laptop (free from Garmin). Once you start the POI loader, you will need to connect the i2,i3,i5, or C320 to the computer via the micro usb cable. Then you will need to follow direction and select the directory that the poi files are in (all of the poi files that you want to download has to be in the same directory).

Good luck.


cheap sd card


you can get sd cards cheap from ebay or

microcenter has 1 gig for 15 and 2 gig for 22 (no rebate).

memory for i-series

Just to ensure clarity for other readers -- The i2/i3/i5 models use micro SD cards, which are physically smaller than the standard SD cards used in models like C320. On i5, maps are preloaded in the GPS.


Got it at after

Got it at after using google checkout and $10.00 manufacturers rebate. Just couldn't pass it up.


Garmin Streetpilot i3, Streetpilot C580 and Nuvi 265WT

SD and C340

I have a c340.....
I also have a spare SD card laying around
What can I do with the SD card?

Can I load POI to the SD card then take
it to my Garmin and load them up?
I am aware that it can't read POI's directly from the card.
Can I just copy them over to the internal memory?


The idea to have poi on the

The idea to have poi on the sd card would be in my view, if you wanted to have these files available to you when you are not at the computer that you regularly use for these files. Or if you want to have them handy to give to someone else. At this point the sd card will be used as a storage place for these files, nothing more.

Oops forgot that the

Oops forgot that the i-series uses the micro SD cards.

Another correction is that the i-5 has the NA maps preloaded (hard drive?), similar to the C330 and C340.