Massive sunspots could disrupt GPS signals


Reported today that massive sunspots have appeared could interfere with or disrupt satellite GPS signals. Lots of gloom and doom in the second article.

Metricman Nuvi 3597 GTM-60 Traffic Receiver Williamsburg, VA

More FUD or for real this time?

[FUD = Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt, an objective of some webpage-content creators who want to encourage clicks on articles]

Sure, what do I know, maybe this time it's the real thing, but it just seems to me that we get warnings just like this every couple of years. Maybe people who are dealing with super-sensitive electronics really are affected, but the average mope driving around with a GPS, it goes on the blink, they're going to curse it out and fling it into the backseat*, not assume we're under siege from solar radiation.

*OK I did just this, fling my Garmin into the backseat a month ago driving around in Florida when ALL the roads and turn-by-turn directions disappeared mid-route from my GPS display, leaving only a moving car icon. The road maps etc. didn't come back, no matter what I tried, until I got home and reformatted and reloaded the Garmin. But I don't think it was sunspots. It was Garmin's Fault or User Error... who knows?

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I was an older samdung

I use an older samdung galaxy s9+ to take with on my walks for tracking (distance/time) purposes. The other day the standard 2mi route got recorded as 1.3mi. Today, same route recorded as 2mi.


The end is near

Alot of strange things going on.


Especially here sometimes....

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