Fitbit recall of 1.7 million watches


So now 1.7 Million Fitbit watches are being recalled due to users being burned by overheating batteries. Overheating batteries were also a Garmin problem, if I remember correctly - but they were few and far between.

Details at:

Nothing seems safe anymore, it seems.

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Samsung had overheating

Samsung had overheating problems as well.

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Probably all sourced from the same low-bid manufacturer in China.

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Intel also

Intel recalled all of the Basis Peak watches they had shipped in 2016 reportedly for "an overheating problem".

Lithium batteries are tough to get right. Part of it is realizing that the batteries themselves can never be guaranteed to be always perfect, so the system employing them has to have designed-in resilience against the likely failures.

Tesla realized this well enough early enough to have a markedly better field battery failure experience of this sort than did several competitors.

I've got a Garmin fitness tracker on my wrist as I type. I hope it does not fail that way some day.

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